Emergency Complaints

You have chosen to file an emergency informal consumer complaint with the FCC.

Please use this type of complaint if your complaint involves a type of emergency such as:

  • tower light outage;
  • 911 outage; or
  • interference to a consumer device or non-public safety service.
Start your complaint

How else FCC can help

  • Public Safety Issues
    If your complaint involves interference to a telecommunications service used by public safety entities, such as first responders, police, fire, law enforcement or a federal agency, then use the Public Safety Interference Complaint portal.
  • Emergency Alerts Accessibility
    For accessibility questions about emergency alerting tests, or WEA accessibility complaints, please contact the FCC by e-mail at dro@fcc.gov, 202-418-2517 (voice) or 844-432-2275 (videophone). To file an accessibility complaint regarding the EAS Test, please visit fcc.gov/accessibilitycomplaintsform.
  • Feedback about Emergency Alerts
    General feedback about the test should be directed to the FCC’s Public Safety Support Center.