Data Caps Experience Form

Many internet service providers (ISPs) have created monthly subscription plans that impose limits on how much data we use. Often referred to as “data caps,” these plans may result in higher fees and/or slower speeds for subscribers if they exceed data caps.

The FCC has established a Data Caps Experience Form so everyone can share their experiences and challenges with data caps.

This form is meant to capture narrative information about the unique circumstances, conditions, and experience of consumers.

File a Data Caps Form Online

What to Include in the Data Caps Experience Form

In the description field, you can provide specific details about your experience, including the name of the provider, data caps or usage limits associated with your broadband plan, your address, and any other information that describes the benefits or challenges that you have experienced due to data caps.

Why Sharing Your Experience Matters

Accessing the internet from home has never been more essential for consumers. Nothing made this as clear as the COVID-19 pandemic, when people across the country turned to broadband connections to support their day-to-day lives.

Fixed and mobile broadband Internet service ISPs have responded to the increasing demand for data by offering higher bandwidth plans with faster internet speeds. These plans allow us to work from home, access medical care, complete homework assignments, and stream our favorite movies more easily.

By sharing your data cap stories about your fixed or wireless broadband plans, you will help the FCC understand how data caps impact access to broadband for all individuals, including:

  • Individuals with disabilities.
  • Low-income consumers.
  • Historically disadvantaged communities.
  • Access to E-911 services, emergency alerts, or other public safety services offered over the Internet.
  • Access to online education.
  • Access to telehealth.
  • Access to remote work.

Note: By submitting your Data Cap Experience, you are NOT filing a consumer complaint, and your submission will not be served on your provider.

Filing a Data Caps Access Form by Mail

For those unable to submit the form online, please download, print and mail the form below.