Broadband Access Experience Form


One of the FCC’s strategic goals is to pursue a “100 Percent” broadband policy. Section 60506 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act directs the Commission to “ensure that all people of the United States benefit from equal access to broadband,” including by preventing and identifying steps to eliminate “digital discrimination of access based on income level, race, ethnicity, color, religion, or national origin.” In February 2022, the FCC formed the cross-agency Task Force to Prevent Digital Discrimination focused on creating rules and policies to combat digital discrimination and to promote equal access to broadband across the country.

As part of the FCC’s ongoing efforts to combat digital discrimination, we have established this Broadband Access Experience Form where consumers can share their unique experiences and challenges in obtaining broadband internet access. By sharing their broadband access stories, consumers will help the FCC to identify barriers experienced by historically unserved and underserved communities and inform the work of the Task Force.

If you would like to share your experience, please complete this form. In the description field, you can provide specific details about your experience , including the name of the provider, your address and any other information that describes the challenges that you have experienced, including those due to a provider’s practices and polices related to certain terms and conditions of service, such as those concerning speeds, data caps, throttling, late fees, equipment rentals and installation, contract renewal or termination, customer credit or account history, promotional rates, price or how technical support is provided.

This Broadband Access Experience Form is meant to capture narrative information about the unique circumstances, conditions, and experience of consumers. By submitting Your Broadband Access Experience, you are NOT filing a consumer complaint, and your submission will not be served on your provider.

For more information about the Task Force to Prevent Digital Discrimination and its work, please visit the Task Force’s webpage. Interested stakeholders also can use this webpage to request meetings with the Task Force.

Filing a Broadband Access Experience Form

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Note: There is a paper version of the form at the bottom of the page for anyone that is unable to submit the form online.