Internet Form - Descriptions of Complaint Issues

If you have questions about a problem you are having with your Internet service and want to read more about common Internet issues raised with the FCC, see our consumer guides.

If our consumer guides do not address your issue, another option is to file a complaint.

If you are having issues with your provider involving the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), please see additional information here.

Please look carefully at the list of issues available on the complaint form. If you already know what issue you’d like to file a complaint about then:

Start your complaint with the FCC

Internet Issues on the Complaint Form

Services are not available in your area, issues with coverage areas or coverage maps.

Issues with your provider about advertised rates, service charges, taxes, fees, surcharges, lifeline.

Issues with your modem, router, or other Internet equipment and related equipment.

Issues with interference.

Your personal information has been breached.


Issues with your Internet speeds, including not receiving advertised speeds or latency, issues.

Start your complaint with the FCC